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There are many benefits to participating in one of our research studies, such as providing the opportunity to learn more about your asthma, allergy, or eczema symptoms.


Additional benefits to joining a research study:


  • We offer various studies for children and adults.

  • Insurance is not necessary and the visits are of no cost.

  • If you qualify, you are often compensated for your time, and possibly, your travel.

  • We offer a wide range of appointment times to allow flexibility with your school or work schedule.

  • We have a toy/game box for kids to make the visits more comfortable and fun.


If you do not meet the requirements of one of our current studies, we are constantly enrolling in new studies, so feel free to check back regularly or send us an email under the Contact portion of our web page and we will contact you if we feel you would meet the requirements of a new or upcoming study.

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