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The Research Team

At Arizona Allergy & Immunology Research (AAIR) we are dedicated to finding new and cutting-edge treatments that will benefit our patients.  We are equally committed to ensuring the long-term safety of medications already approved by the FDA, and finding new uses for existing medications on the market.


As a team we strive to offer concierge medical assistance by providing our patients with 24x7 access to a provider. While we understand that to successfully perform research you must focus on collecting accurate data, we will never sacrifice our patient's safety or excellent patient care in the name of research.  Our goal is to make research fun for the whole family and truly get to know our research patients on a personal level. It is because of this, that we are often left with lifelong friendships of a unique nature. 


Collectively, our research staff has over two decades of research experience spanning varied healthcare areas such as: asthma, allergy, immunology, sleep, burn, pediatrics, emergency, medical/surgery, podiatry, and oncology. Leading our research team is one of the Valley's top rated allergists, Dr. Neal Jain.


We've had the privilege to work on a variety of life changing studies including recent pediatric asthma and device studies which has resulted in FDA clearance.   This has not only made it easier for some families to get their necessary daily asthma medications, but also enabled providers to better diagnose and treat their patients.

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